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A little history of the Maypole Hall

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The present hall is built on the site of the wooden community hut; I've not found any pictures of the outside, but there is one dated 1935/6 of a Christmas party in the old hall.


The next two are undated, any identification appreciated!




The present hall was financed by Ted Wheeler on land given by Mr George Mathews. Ted was Chair of the Maypole Society, so perhaps it was his choice to call it the Maypole Hall because of it's proximity and his involvement with both. Ted collected waste paper, selling it to raise funds to replace the old village 'hut' which was a wooden building standing on what is now the hall car park. His unofficial title was "Mayor of Paganhill".

He is pictured below with what looks like a harvest festival gift.


A Trust legacy of £5,000 was bequeathed to the Hall in the will of the late Mr E J Wheeler and the Hall is entitled to the income arising for as long as it remains in existence.  The Hall is not entitled to any of the capital.


The Bell shown below was presented to Paganhill by Mr J.P. Taylor, to commemorate the revival of ye Olde Fair and Mayor's election, September 1945, on conclusion of World War II, and is on display in the hall.


This photo, dated 1947, shows Ted Wheeler with the Mayor of Paganhill



In the hall. there are also two plaques that were secured to the Maypoles; first the 1977 Jubilee




And the 1995 plaque



The foundation stone for the new hall;

"This stone was laid by J.W. Stanton Esq, formerly of Field Place, Paganhill, on October 20th 1962"




The present hall, just after opening


The Programme for the opening of the new Maypole Hall, 1963